Reading Period Open!

Submit to Volume 49 now! 

Amaranth is Anne Arundel Community College's annually published journal of literature and the arts. Amaranth is run by students to publish the artistic work of current and former AACC students. We publish fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, drama & screenplays, visual art & photography.

For the 2022-2023 edition, Amaranth will read submissions from AACC students and alumni during the fall and spring semesters. Students and alumni are welcome to submit once during each reading period. Click below for details when submissions are open.

Amaranth also sponsors a Coffeehouse (complete with coffee and snacks). This open mic is a great forum where students read literary work, perform music, show visual art, and show off the amazing talent here at AACC. Checkout our Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Submission Guidelines

Please note:

  • Amaranth seeks submissions from AACC students and alumni only.
  • Our submission process has changed from previous years. Please note the limit on the number of pieces that can be submitted per reading period.
  • There will be two reading periods for our 2023-24 issue: one during the Summer/Fall 2023 semester and one in the Spring 2024 semester. Students and alumni are invited to submit once during each reading period.
  • Work accepted into the journal may be used for promotional purposes. Please let us know in your cover letter if you would like to opt out. 

Writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, screenplays, etc.)

Submit up to 1-5 poems, 1-2 short stories, 1-2 nonfiction pieces, or 1-2 plays/screenplays per submission period. 

Please indicate in your cover letter the genre of your submission (i.e. please consider the attached nonfiction essay for consideration). You are welcome to submit work for more than one genre during the reading period, but please indicate the genres in your cover letter (i.e. please consider the attached short story "TITLE" and the three poems "TITLE1", "TITLE2", and "TITLE3" for consideration).

Please submit your work as an attachment in a single Word document to be attached.

Visual art Submit up to 5 visual art pieces (photographs, illustrations, paintings, watercolors, etc.). Keep in mind that in order to reproduce the image in our journal we require a high resolution image (300 dpi preferred). 

Individual submissions must be titled.